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6″x9″ 192 pp, black and white, $18 (+shipping), ISBN 978-0-578-07662-1

“…Acknowledging that man-made horrors exist, and will continue to exist, but that each of us still holds the ability to choose not to let these horrors define us. Stunning and dynamic, demonstrating a keen sense of composition, cinematography and lighting… Efal takes the narrative equivalent of a deep, cleansing breath… one of the most impressive, thoughtful debut graphic novels.“ – The Comics Journal

Whom will one forgive if not one’s enemies? On Obon, the Day of the Dead, it is believed that the spirits of Japanese ancestors visit the homes of their families, and the living set paper lanterns on river waters to illuminate their path back to the netherworld. This year, in the midst of a bloody and decades long clan war, the festivities halt as the Okumura troops return from battle, carrying along with their wounded and fallen, the captive daugthers of their enemy. For samurai Oda and his two children, Ryoan and Kaimen, this homecoming begins a chain of events both intimate and violent, revealing harsh truths about themselves and their war, that will change each one of them forever.

“NEVER FORGET, NEVER FORGIVE” were the common calls that Rami Efal, Israel-born author and illustrator and descendent of Holocaust survivors, heard while growing up. As a child he was puzzled: “Whom will one forgive if not one’s enemies?” Told in the tradition of classic epics and tragedies such as Antigone, Throne of Blood, and Lone Wolf and Cub, The Lantern and the Wave invites you to stream of consciousness unlike any other into the vast heart we share together.


Avraham Efal

Rami Avraham Efal is a an artist and peacebuilder, featured in galleries in the US and Europe and has provided art for magazine, television and fillm. He has launched this book in 2013 at the Warsaw Museum of Modern Art. Rami has been a student of Zen Buddhism since 2005 and the former executive director of Zen Peacemakers International, a global community of social activists and spiritual activists, and offering multi-faith multi-national Bearing Witness retreats in Auschwitz-Birkenau and Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe Reservation. He was Bernie Glassman’s last student and is Dharma Holder in the Zen Peacemakers lineage. He is currently Rabbinic Fellow at Lab/Shul, arist-driven jewish community in NYC,; a board member at the Greyston Foundation for Social Innovation; an associate with JustLab, a global consultancy group redefining human rights, and undergoing rabbinical studies with Aleph Ordination Program.


“Remarkable…an intense story about the generational, environmental, and societal gaps that open wider and wider in times of war… synthesizes the best of Japanese manga with the best of American graphic novels.” LongAndShortBoxOfIt
“Haunting…With beautiful, bold, black brush stroke sketches, graphic novelist Rami Efal screams out universal truths.” Asian Jewish Life
A new reading experience…masterful storytelling, subtle characterization…felt with a quick emotional wallop…Efal’s style is spot on.”
“Beautiful brushwork…
“…a powerful and engaging tale…a few brush strokes conveying a universe of meaning…the echoes of the loss and horror of the Holocaust can be felt through the story itself… It works as a beautiful combination of the best of both traditions.” Jewish Outreach Institute
“Ink-heavy, occasionally scratchy, shadow-laden style to the art; anybody that likes the work of Goseki Kojima is encouraged to look closely at this one.”
“Samurai Struggles in the Shadow of Jewish Life: The Jewish mantra of “Never Forget, Never Forgive” is given new truths when transplanted into the foreign setting and foreign soil of historic Japan, and Efal tries to understand and interpret his own thoughts regarding those lessons.” Newsarama

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